Maegan Briana

I'm just your average woman trying to juggle a full time job and her small business. I am full time pediatric SLPA. I mean it when I say I love what I do. Getting to be with kiddos all days and contributing to a patients communication is so rewarding. I'm married to my best friend, Jakob! We just celebrated four years of marriage and have the best little boy we could have ever prayed for. We have the best family dog, Maui (silver Lab) and he's truly such an angel. Jakob and I are big time foodies and will get the travel bug about once a year. Even though I don't do much of it, I love traveling and being outdoors is important!!

This little side business started back in 2015. I was an amateur and didn't really know what all went into taking pictures. Throughout the years, I've watched countless videos, read articles and completed mentor sessions. Getting out there to shoot anything and everything was the only way I knew I would learn how to use my gear. Lots of trial and error. I would jump at any opportunity for a family or friend. Gosh, looking back at where I started and seeing some of those first photos..I CRINGE. But to be able to see the growth I've had as a photographer is amazing!

I look forward to continuing this business because the happiness it brings me and the encounters I get to have with clients. When clients turn into friends, that when I know I'm doing something right! You never know because that could be YOU, next!